Travelling always brings along with itself discovering something that you have never seen, met, heard or tasted. Travelling is discovering another way of living. It was in one of those trips that we found Mattiana’s germ. Destination: Southeast Asia. The protagonist: one of the six partners, our adventurer of endless stories: Jonathan Hurtado.

In the Southeast Asia a great amount of spirits are produced in a traditional way and their formulas are kept safe by the local master distillers. The area in itself is an authentic orchard where it can be found all types of fruits and spices.

It is in the mixture where wealth lies, and this is the premise they follow. The traditional production together with the great variety of species and fruits makes almost infinite the diversity of spirits in the region.

It is not unusual to see how the local producers combine their home-made spirits with commercial distilled products, according to them: ‘In order to raise the quality of the commercial distilled product’.

It was in a trip of Jonathan Hurtado to Thailand where he met one of the local master distillers, Malai (Thai name that means wreath of flowers). Jonathan observes that Malai’s technique is a bit different from his neighbours. Malai distils in a small still several local botanicals and fruits in a completely independent way (coconut, pepper, apple, citrus fruits…) without mixing the spirit which is obtained in each distillation. These spirits are used by Malai to combine and highlight the flavour of the spirits that can be bought in the area. In this way, Malai used the sweeter botanicals to enhance the flavour of distillates such as rum, and the spiciest and fruitiest botanicals were used for the hints of local gins. Jonathan soon became aware that in Europe people do not know about these distillation techniques or distillates’ assembling which have remained unchanged by Malai’s family for more than 300 years.

Gin Mattiana

Jonathan asked Malai to put the distilled alcohol together to what it would be for him the perfect combination for a gin. Malai started to mix the different extracts obtained from different botanicals (cardamom, angelica, ginger, apple …) with a local alcohol used in his blends (in this case a gin distilled from grain). He got a combination with an almost perfect and harmonious proportion among all its ingredients. Malai wrote down this combination in a piece of paper and gave it to Jonathan. In this paper were reflected the ingredients and proportions to elaborate a gin of a classic taste but with a fresh and daring hint.

When he got back, Jonathan started to contact with different friends / acquaintances telling them his experience and suggesting the idea of making a gin which has as a base Malai’s transcription and taking into consideration two premises. There will be used ingredients from Malai’s list and they will be made with a distillation technique as reliable as possible to the one used by Malai in his small still. Moreover, all the ingredients will be distilled separately to be combined with a grain alcohol of the highest quality, achieving an improved version of the original formula. Jonathan, together with the other five partners of the project decided to reproduce Malai’s gin and make gin completely natural. A pure gin, with a classic touch but a fresh hint, very far removed from current fashion coloured and sweet gins.

In this manner, the gin was born with that adventurous and enterprising spirit. A name which has tried to remain faithful to its origen and contents, because of the person who inspired us and the main ingredient: organic apple (the word apple in Latin is connected with Mattiana).

Gin Mattiana

Mattiana Distilled Gin is a Premium gin produced from a re-distillation of neutral alcohol (from high quality wheat), with natural botanical extracts such as: juniper berries, fresh peels of citrus, coriander seeds, cardamom, ecological apple … all of them distilled separately in a copper still.

Mattiana Distilled Gin is the result of 4 distillations; all of them are independent, except the last one. Unlike most gins, each ingredient of Mattiana is distilled triple separately, in this way we can guarantee the preservation of primitive smells, because the botanical has not been blended with any other that could alter its flavor. Once we have the batch of all the botanicals’, the Master Distiller combines them in a secret proportion (with predominance of citrus fruits) to carry out the last distillation in small batches. The final batches do not mix each other, ensuring that only the small batches which have reached the optimal level of quality, aroma and flavor will be bottled as Mattiana Distilled Gin.





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